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Summary: Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most popular American actors who has gained global recognition for his impeccable acting skills in movies like” Sherlock Holmes,” “Iron Man” and “The Avengers.” However, there is one aspect of his physical appearance that often catches people’s attention, and that is his teeth. Despite having undergone multiple dental surgeries, Downey’s teeth are still a topic of conversation among his fans.

1. The Early Days

Robert Downey Jr.’s acting career started when he was just five years old. In his early days, he had a perfect set of teeth that added charm to his already striking features. He continued to maintain his dental hygiene as he grew older and landed more significant roles in movies.

However, in the late 90s, Robert Downey Jr. became addicted to drugs and alcohol, which had a catastrophic impact on his health. He suffered from weight loss and multiple dental problems, including discoloration and staining of teeth.

To regain his physical health and get over his addiction, he went through rehab therapy and multiple dental surgeries. He credits his successful comeback in Hollywood to fixing his oral hygiene and giving up drugs and alcohol.

2. The Discolored Teeth

One of the most noticeable changes in Robert Downey Jr.’s teeth is their discoloration. This was a result of his drug addiction, which severely affected his dental health. Before getting clean, Downey smoked, drank, and used drugs – all of which can stain and create an overall yellow appearance on the teeth. During interviews, he often has visible staining on his teeth despite dental work being done.

To correct this issue, he underwent procedures such as professional teeth whitening and veneers to achieve a brighter, healthier smile. His current teeth look more uniform in color and brighter compared to his early days as an actor.

Despite these procedures, his teeth still have noticeable discoloration. This could be attributed to the fact that he previously damaged his dental health, which may have made his stains too stubborn to remove entirely.

3. The Gap Between His Teeth

Throughout his acting career, Robert Downey Jr. wore his teeth gap with pride. However, after his rehab treatment and dental surgeries, he appears to have opted for a more traditional Hollywood smile. In his earlier days, the gap was between his two front teeth was often visible in his primary and secondary teeth. Many viewers found that the gap added character and uniqueness to his overall appearance and idolized it.

The gap was mostly due to his teeth’ growth pattern and the fact that he didn’t use braces for orthodontic treatments as a child. Though Downey has appeared in the past with his traditional smile, he’s now achieved an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth without the noticeable space.

With the use of dental appliances like sensitive strips and veneers, Downey’s gap is no longer visible, but his unique charm still shines through.

4. The Veneer Teeth

Robert Downey Jr.’s upper teeth have veneers, which made his old smile look different from his current smile. Although many people go for veneers to achieve a perfect set of teeth, celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. get their veneers done to improve their facial aesthetics and to remain photogenic in front of the cameras.

The most typical concern in veneer cases is to ensure that they don’t look artificial or overly perfect. It’s vital for the veneers to complement the face’s natural features without attracting unwanted attention. In most of Downey’s recent appearances, it’s evident that the veneers have enhanced his smile’s aesthetic qualities.

Moreover, it’s also important to note that veneers aren’t meant to last a lifetime. As such, individuals with veneers may require additional procedures to maintain a natural-looking smile, as was the case with Robert Downey Jr..

5. The Cost of Robert Downey Jr.’s Teeth

It’s no secret that dental procedures can be expensive, particularly when considering cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. According to multiple sources, Robert Downey Jr.’s dental work might have cost up to $75,000.

This hefty fee covers all procedures including root canals, teeth whitening, braces, and veneer placement, among other dental interventions. Despite the high cost attached to these procedures, Downey’s fans see it as a worthy investment that positively contributed to his physical appearance and boosted his career potential.

The price for procedures like the ones Robert Downey Jr. received may vary depending on one’s location, the dentist’s experience, and specific treatment options. Patients should always consider the costs of dental treatments along with their overall health plan before undergoing any procedure.


Robert Downey Jr. is a charming, talented actor who has won millions of fans worldwide, but his teeth have become just as iconic as his witty sense of humor. After years of addiction and health issues, his dental health suffered, but Robert Downey Jr. managed to turn his life around and get the dental treatments he needed to restore his beautiful smile. Today, his dazzling grin lights up the screen, and his fans eagerly anticipate his next on-screen appearance.

Although various dental procedures come with substantial costs, the benefits that come with them can make a significant difference in one’s life. It’s crucial to maintain good dental hygiene, get regular check-ups, and consider dental treatments when necessary.

Overall, Robert Downey Jr. serves as an excellent example of how dental treatments can completely alter one’s physical appearance and improve oral health while remaining natural and not overly perfect.

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