Sardaukar Bashar

Summary: The Sardaukar Bashar is a title given to the most loyal and effective military commanders in the service of House Corrino, as depicted in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” science fiction novel. These highly trained soldiers are renowned for their physical and mental prowess, loyalty, and fanatical devotion to the Corrino dynasty. This article will delve deeper into the origins, training, tactics, and legacy of the feared Sardaukar Bashar.

1. Origins of the Sardaukar Bashar

The Sardaukar were originally an army of mercenaries hired by House Corrino during its wars of conquest over other noble Houses in the Known Universe. The Sardaukar traced their heritage to the Sardaukar tribes of the planet Salusa Secundus, a harsh world that bred fierce warriors and survivors. Over time, the Sardaukar became the personal guards and enforcers of the Corrino Emperor, with the Bashars commanding them in battle.

The Bashars were chosen from the best and brightest of the Sardaukar officers, who had proven their worth in scores of battles and campaigns. The Bashars underwent even more intense and grueling training than the regular Sardaukar, as they were expected to lead from the front and make life and death decisions on behalf of the Emperor. They were also infused with a deep sense of loyalty to the Corrino dynasty, instilled in them since childhood.

The title of Sardaukar Bashar thus became the highest honor and prize that any Sardaukar officer could aspire to. It represented not only immense power and authority, but also the trust and confidence of the Emperor himself.

2. Training and Tactics of the Sardaukar Bashar

The Sardaukar training regimen was legendary for its rigor and brutality. Young recruits were subjected to physical and psychological tests that would weed out all but the toughest and most dedicated candidates. Those who survived were indoctrinated with a code of honor and discipline that emphasized loyalty to their superiors, the glory of victory, and the fear of failure or disgrace.

The Bashars underwent even more demanding training, which included everything from advanced weaponry and tactics to political strategy and espionage. They were expected to be not just military commanders, but also diplomats, spies, and assassins when necessary. They had to be able to inspire their troops, outthink their enemies, and execute their orders without hesitation or reservation.

The tactics of the Sardaukar were equally fearsome and effective. They were trained to fight in close formation, using shields and deadly knives to overwhelm and intimidate their opponents. They also employed psychological tactics, such as wearing black uniforms and masks and charging silently into battle, to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Their battlefield discipline and cohesion were unmatched by any other army in the Known Universe, making them almost invincible in combat.

3. Legacy and Impact of the Sardaukar Bashar

Despite their reputation as ruthless and fanatical warriors, the Sardaukar Bashars played a crucial role in maintaining the stability and power of the Corrino Empire. They were instrumental in crushing rebellions, quelling uprisings, and enforcing the Emperor’s will throughout the galaxy. They were also responsible for expanding the Empire’s sphere of influence, conquering new planets and subduing alien races.

However, the Sardaukar also suffered from their own success and hubris. Their reliance on terror and brutality earned them many enemies among the conquered populations, who saw them as oppressors rather than liberators. Their reputation for blind obedience and ruthless efficiency made them vulnerable to corruption and treachery, as some Bashars sold their loyalty to the highest bidder or pursued their own agendas.

The downfall of the Sardaukar came during the events depicted in the novel “Dune,” when House Atreides successfully infiltrated and defeated them on Arrakis. This led to a crisis of confidence and morale among the Sardaukar, who had never tasted defeat before. It also marked the beginning of the end for the Corrino dynasty and the old order of the Known Universe.


The Sardaukar Bashar represents the pinnacle of military training and discipline in the universe of “Dune.” They are revered and feared by many as the fiercest and most loyal soldiers in the galaxy. However, their legacy is also one of oppression, violence, and ultimate defeat. The story of the Sardaukar Bashar is a cautionary tale of how power and might can become corrupted and weakened over time, and how the once-mighty can fall from grace and be replaced by the new and untested.

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