Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku Review

Summary: “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” is a Malayalam movie that released on Amazon Prime Video in September 2021. Directed by Rajeeshlal Vamsha, the comedy-drama features Biju Menon, Alencier Ley Lopez, and Saiju Kurup in lead roles. The film narrates the story of three middle-aged men who are facing different challenges in their lives.

1. Biju Menon’s performance

Biju Menon’s portrayal of Thomas Chacko, the protagonist, is one of the highlights of “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku”. He delivers a convincing performance as a middle-aged man who faces a mid-life crisis. With his impeccable comic timing, he brings humor to the character’s struggles.

One of the scenes where Biju Menon shines is when Thomas visits a therapist to overcome his anxiety. He delivers a monologue that showcases his range as an actor. His emotional outburst in the climax is another noteworthy moment.

Overall, Biju Menon’s performance is one of the main reasons to watch “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku”.

2. Supporting cast

In addition to Biju Menon, the supporting cast of “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” also deserves credit for their performances. Alencier Ley Lopez, who plays the role of Joy, stands out with his natural acting. His chemistry with Biju Menon adds depth to their on-screen friendship.

Saiju Kurup, who portrays the character of Roy, also delivers a good performance. He successfully portrays the emotional turmoil of a man caught between his love life and his family.

The rest of the cast, including Srinda Arhaan, Sreejith Ravi, and Krishna Prabha, also contribute to making “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” an enjoyable watch.

3. Screenplay and direction

Rajeeshlal Vamsha’s direction and screenplay are the backbone of “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku”. The film balances comedy and drama well, and the dialogues are witty and relatable. The director successfully captures the struggles of middle-aged men and their quest for self-discovery.

The pacing of the film is on point, and it never feels dull or dragged. The film’s climax is well-executed and delivers an emotional punch. Overall, Rajeeshlal Vamsha’s direction and screenplay elevate the film to another level.

Another noteworthy aspect of the film is its music. The songs and background score by Bijibal complement the film’s mood and tone. Especially the song “Ariyathe Nin Sneham”, which plays in the background during an emotional scene, adds depth to the film.

4. Themes and messages

“Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” explores various themes like friendship, love, mid-life crisis, and self-discovery. The film raises some important questions about life and relationships, which resonate with the audience.

Through the character of Thomas, the film reminds us of the importance of chasing our dreams and not settling for less. The film also underscores the significance of mental health and seeking professional help when needed.

Overall, “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” imparts some valuable messages without being preachy or cliched.

5. Flaws

While “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” is an entertaining watch, it does have some flaws. The film’s storyline is predictable and offers nothing new or groundbreaking. Some of the scenes feel repetitive and could have been trimmed to make the film crisper.

The film’s female characters also suffer from underdevelopment, with their roles being reduced to mere extensions of the male leads. This is a common issue in many Indian films and needs to be addressed by filmmakers.

However, these flaws do not take away much from the overall experience of watching “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku”.


“Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” is an enjoyable comedy-drama that explores several themes with a deft touch. Biju Menon delivers a brilliant performance as the protagonist, and the supporting cast complements him well. Rajeeshlal Vamsha’s direction and screenplay keep the film engaging, and Bijibal’s music adds to its charm. While the film has some flaws, they are overshadowed by its strengths. Overall, “Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku” is worth a watch for its humor, emotions, and messages.

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