Smallishbeans Real Name

Summary: Smallishbeans is a popular YouTube content creator known for his Minecraft gameplay videos. However, many fans are curious about his real name. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Smallishbeans’ real name and provide some insight into why he chooses to keep it private.

1. Early Days

Smallishbeans, whose real name is not publicly known, was born on June 29, 1995 in England. As a child, he developed an interest in video games and began playing Minecraft at the age of 12. After finishing school, he worked as a part-time chef while creating YouTube videos as a hobby.

In 2012, he started uploading Minecraft gameplay videos to his channel, which gradually gained popularity. His content resonated with viewers due to his humorous commentary and laid-back style. Over time, he built up a substantial following and is now considered one of the most well-known Minecraft content creators on YouTube.

Despite his success, Smallishbeans has remained tight-lipped about his real name. He has never revealed it in any of his videos or social media posts, which has led to a lot of speculation among fans.

2. Why Keep it Private?

One of the main reasons Smallishbeans keeps his real name private is likely due to personal privacy concerns. Being a popular YouTuber means having a large fanbase, which can lead to unwanted attention and even harassment from some individuals.

By keeping his real identity private, Smallishbeans is able to maintain a degree of control over his personal life and avoid any potential negative consequences that may come from being more open about his personal information.

Another reason might be related to branding and identity. Many content creators choose to brand themselves under a pseudonym, as it allows them to create a distinct persona that is separate from their personal life. This can provide a sense of security and help them maintain more control over their online presence.

3. Conspiracy Theories

Due to Smallishbeans’ decision to keep his real name private, there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding his true identity. Some fans speculate that he might be related to other popular YouTubers or that he’s actually a famous celebrity in disguise.

While there’s certainly no shortage of wild and outlandish theories, the truth is likely much simpler. It’s highly unlikely that Smallishbeans is anyone other than who he claims to be – simply a Minecraft content creator who values his privacy.

Ultimately, it’s not Smallishbeans’ real name that makes him such a beloved content creator – it’s his talent for crafting entertaining and engaging Minecraft videos that keeps fans coming back for more.

4. Fan Reactions

Despite not knowing his real name, Smallishbeans has a huge and dedicated fanbase. His videos regularly receive millions of views, and he has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

While some fans may express a desire to know more about his personal life, most respect his decision to keep his real name private. In fact, many see it as a testament to his commitment to maintaining boundaries and protecting his personal privacy.

Overall, Smallishbeans’ real name may remain a mystery, but for his fans, that’s simply a small piece of his overall appeal.


Smallishbeans’ real name may be a mystery, but it’s clear that his talent and charisma are what make him such a beloved content creator. Regardless of whether or not he chooses to reveal his identity in the future, his fans will continue to support him and enjoy his entertaining Minecraft videos.

So while we may be curious about his real name, it’s important to respect Smallishbeans’ decision to keep it private and appreciate his contributions to the YouTube community for what they are – great content that inspires and entertains millions of viewers around the world.

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