Stargate Atlantis Whispers

Summary: Stargate Atlantis Whispers is the second episode of the first season of Stargate Atlantis. It follows the story of the team trying to uncover the truth behind the inhabitants of an ancient city that had been abandoned for some time.

1. The Plot

The episode begins with the Atlantis team rescuing a group of people from another planet who state that they were brought back from the dead. They had been turned into zombies, and they think they were brought back by the team’s Ancient transporter technology. This discovery leads the team to investigate the abandoned city of the Ancients, where they are soon plagued by strange whispering voices that only they can hear.

The plot revolves around the investigation of the abandoned city and the team’s efforts to uncover its secrets. They ultimately discover the city’s dark past and the origin of the whispers. The episode concludes with the team leaving the city, never to return.

Overall, the plot is an engaging mystery with enough twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. It is an excellent example of the series’ focus on science fiction and adventure.

2. The Characters

The episode features several of the main characters of Stargate Atlantis, including Colonel Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Dr. Weir, and Teyla. Each character plays their own unique role in the investigation and brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Colonel Sheppard is the team’s military leader and provides tactical support throughout the investigation. Rodney McKay is the team’s resident genius and provides scientific knowledge to help unravel the mysteries of the city. Dr. Weir is the team’s leader, providing guidance and perspective throughout the episode. Teyla is the team’s guide, using her unique knowledge of the Ancients to help the team navigate the city.

The characters’ interactions with each other are also a highlight of the episode. Their banter and camaraderie lend the episode a lighter tone, while their conflicts add tension and drama. Overall, the characters are well-developed and endearing, making viewers invested in their success.

3. The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the episode is eerie and foreboding, with the abandoned city providing an unsettling backdrop for the investigation. The whispers add to the overall sense of unease, making viewers feel on edge throughout the episode.

The music is also a standout element of the episode’s atmosphere. The haunting melodies perfectly complement the mysterious and creepy tone, adding to the overall immersive experience. The lighting and set design are also noteworthy, creating a dark and ominous ambiance that draws viewers into the story.

Ultimately, the atmosphere of the episode is one of its strongest elements, creating a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

4. The Science Fiction Elements

Stargate Atlantis Whispers features several science fiction elements, including Ancient technology and zombie-like creatures. The Ancient technology provides the backbone of the plot, with the team using it to investigate the city and its secrets.

The zombies, while not a new concept in science fiction, are given a unique twist in the context of the episode. They help to ramp up the tension and add an element of horror to the narrative.

The episode also explores themes such as the consequences of tampering with advanced technology, the legacy of ancient civilizations, and the dangers of playing god.

5. The Legacy

Stargate Atlantis Whispers is regarded as a fan-favorite episode among fans of the series. Its thrilling plot, engaging characters, and eerie atmosphere have cemented its status as a standout entry in the series’ first season.

The episode’s themes and elements also play an important role in the overall mythology and world-building of the Stargate franchise. The technology and concepts introduced in the episode are revisited throughout the series, helping to create a cohesive and rich science fiction universe.

The legacy of Stargate Atlantis Whispers is a testament to the strength and enduring popularity of the series.


Stargate Atlantis Whispers is a standout episode in the first season of the series. Its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and foreboding atmosphere make it a memorable and thrilling viewing experience. The episode’s themes and elements also play an important role in the overall mythology and world-building of the Stargate franchise. Overall, Stargate Atlantis Whispers is an excellent example of the series’ focus on science fiction and adventure.

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