Taylor Swift Ford Field Ticket Prices

Summary: Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated return to Detroit’s Ford Field is making waves as ticket prices are soaring. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the pop star to resurface into the spotlight after it was announced that she’ll be performing at the venue on August 28th, 2020. Unfortunately, the soaring demand for tickets has led to a surge in prices, with some fans noting a significant mark up from her previous performances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the factors contributing to these rising costs and explore the options available for fans hoping to snag tickets without breaking the bank.

1. The Resale Market

The resale market plays a big role in driving up prices for Taylor Swift concerts, and her upcoming show at Ford Field is no exception. As soon as tickets went on sale, scalpers and other third-party sellers got their hands on them and started pricing them at inflated rates. Unfortunately, this means fans who missed out on buying tickets early on can expect to pay a premium just to attend.

To make matters worse, many resellers use shady tactics to make even more money. Some may sell counterfeit tickets or overcharge unsuspecting buyers for seats with obstructed views. While there is no way to fully combat these issues, fans should only buy from reputable sources to minimize the risk of getting scammed.

If you’re in the market for Swift tickets and can’t afford to pay scalper prices, it’s best to wait until closer to the show date. As the event nears, sellers may start lowering their prices in order to avoid unsold tickets and maximize their profits. However, this is still a risky move and you may not end up with the seats you had hoped for.

2. Seat Location

Another factor impacting the cost of Taylor Swift tickets is the location of the seat within Ford Field. Many fans are willing to pay more simply for the chance to sit closer to the stage and get a better view of the performance. This usually results in the most coveted and expensive seats being sold within minutes of going on sale.

It’s worth noting that while expensive seats may offer a better view, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy the show more. In fact, some musicians like Taylor Swift put on performances that make use of the entire venue, meaning even those in nosebleed seats can have a great time. Additionally, Ford Field is a large venue that has been designed to provide good sightlines from most seats.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and budget. If you’re willing to shell out more money for prime seats, go for it. But if you’d rather focus on enjoying the experience and saving some cash, consider buying seats in a less expensive section.

3. Ticket Availability

The availability of tickets can also impact the cost. Since Taylor Swift is a highly popular artist with a dedicated fan base, her shows often sell out quickly. This means fans who didn’t secure tickets during the initial sale may have to rely on resellers or other means to get their hands on them.

In addition, some venues may choose to release a limited number of tickets at a later date in order to capitalize on demand. This can result in even higher prices since these seats are often the last ones available.

One tip to increase your chances of getting tickets is to sign up for presales or fan clubs. These programs often allow members to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public, giving them an advantage in securing desirable seats.

4. Social Media Buzz

Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to ticket prices. While it’s a great tool for building hype and generating interest, it can also have unintended consequences. For example, an excessive amount of buzz around a particular artist or show can lead to higher demand for tickets and ultimately drive up prices.

This is particularly true for Taylor Swift, who has a massive online following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Fans eager to see her live are likely to spread the word, leading to even more excitement about her upcoming performance at Ford Field.

While you can’t fully control how much social media attention an event garners, being aware of its potential impact on prices can help you make more informed decisions about when and where to buy tickets.

5. Alternate Options

If you simply can’t afford the high price tag associated with Taylor Swift Ford Field tickets, don’t despair. There are other options available that can still allow you to enjoy her music without breaking the bank.

One alternative is to watch her performance online. Many artists, including Taylor Swift, have started streaming their concerts for fans who can’t attend in person. This is often a more affordable option and can be just as enjoyable as seeing the artist live.

If you’d rather see her in person but don’t need to be front and center, consider looking for tickets for her shows at smaller venues or other locations. These performances may not get as much publicity as an arena show, but they can offer a more intimate experience and are often priced more reasonably.


Taylor Swift’s upcoming performance at Ford Field is creating a lot of buzz, but with that buzz comes higher ticket prices. Fans hoping to attend the show should keep in mind that resale markets, seat location, ticket availability, social media buzz, and alternate options all play a role in determining prices. While it may be tempting to fork over a lot of money for prime seating, there are cheaper alternatives available that can still allow you to experience her music live. Ultimately, the best approach is to be patient and weigh your options carefully before making a purchase.

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