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Summary: On July 20th, Taylor Swift brought her Reputation Tour to the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The concert attracted thousands of fans from all over the tri-state area and beyond. Here are 7 aspects of the show that made it particularly memorable.

1. The production

The production values at a Taylor Swift concert have always been top-notch. At the MetLife Stadium, that was no exception. The stage was enormous, with multiple platforms and catwalks jutting out into the audience. Giant screens displayed complex visuals and high-quality video footage throughout the performance. Fireworks and pyrotechnics added excitement to certain tracks, while other songs were accompanied by dancers, aerialists, and even mechanical snakes.

The attention to detail was also impressive. Swift was often flanked by singers and musicians dressed in matching outfits or sporting customized instruments. Every element of the show, from the lighting to the costumes, felt carefully curated to create a cohesive and impressive whole.

Even before Swift took the stage, the crowd was entertained with pre-show music and interactive games broadcast on the screens. All of this added up to a truly immersive experience for concert-goers.

2. The setlist

Taylor Swift has an enviable back catalog of hits to draw from, and her Reputation Tour setlist did not disappoint. Fans were treated to a mix of newer tracks from the Reputation album, as well as older favorites like “Love Story” and “Blank Space.”

Swift also included some deeper cuts that pleased hardcore fans, such as “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” and “All Too Well.” The highlight of the set, however, was arguably the stripped-down version of “Wildest Dreams” that Swift performed solo on the piano. It was a moving moment that showcased her vocal talents and emotional depth.

Overall, the setlist was carefully constructed to provide something for everyone, whether they were lifelong Swifties or newcomers to her music.

3. The surprise guests

Taylor Swift is known for her high-profile friendships and collaborations, and she didn’t disappoint in that respect at the MetLife Stadium. During one of the songs, Swift welcomed surprise guest Bryan Adams to the stage, and the duo performed a duet of his hit song “Summer of ’69.”

Later in the show, Swift brought out country superstar and former tourmate Tim McGraw for a rendition of their 2006 hit “Tim McGraw.” The audience went wild for both appearances, and it was clear that the guests were genuinely thrilled to be there.

These surprise collaborations added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the show, which already had plenty of both.

4. The choreography

One thing that set the Reputation Tour apart from previous Taylor Swift tours was the increased emphasis on choreography and dance. This was evident from the very first song, when Swift emerged in a sparkly black jumpsuit and launched into a high-energy routine with her backing dancers.

The intricate moves were reminiscent of old-school pop videos, and the dancers executed them with impressive precision and energy. There were also moments of synchronized dancing and even some acrobatics, such as when the dancers flipped over Swift’s head during “Delicate.”

All of this added up to a visually stunning performance that kept the audience engaged and energized from start to finish.

5. The stadium atmosphere

The MetLife Stadium is a massive venue with a capacity of over 80,000, and Taylor Swift filled it to the brim for her show. The atmosphere was electric as fans streamed into the stadium and made their way to their seats.

Once the concert started, the crowd sang along to every word and waved their phones like lighters during the ballads. There were also plenty of group singalongs, such as during “Shake It Off,” which had everyone dancing and jumping up and down in unison.

All of this added up to a communal experience that felt both personal and epic at the same time.

6. The fan engagement

Taylor Swift has always been known for her close connection to her fans, and that was on full display at the MetLife Stadium. Throughout the show, she paused to talk to the audience and express her gratitude for their support over the years.

There were also several moments where Swift went out into the crowd to get up close and personal with her fans. During “Delicate,” she boarded a clear flying platform and soared across the stadium to land on a smaller stage in the middle of the floor seats, surrounded by fans on all sides.

All of these interactions added an extra layer of intimacy to the already emotional performance.

7. The message

At the heart of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour is a message of self-empowerment, evolution, and the importance of staying true to oneself. This message was woven throughout the show, from the opening song “…Ready For It?” to the final notes of “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

Swift also spoke directly to her fans about the importance of standing up for oneself and not letting other people define one’s narrative. This message was particularly powerful coming from someone who has been subject to intense public scrutiny over the years.

Overall, the narrative of the show was one of growth and resilience, which left fans feeling empowered and inspired long after they left the stadium.


Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour stop at the MetLife Stadium was a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. From the jaw-dropping production values to the surprise guests to the empowering message, the show was a tour-de-force of pop music and entertainment.

However, what perhaps made it most special was the sense of community that existed between Swift and her fans. It was clear that she genuinely cared about the people who had supported her over the years, and that she saw her fans as more than just passive consumers of her music.

All of these elements added up to a performance that was much more than just a concert – it was an event that will be remembered for years to come.

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