Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany

Summary: Taylor Swift’s new album “folklore” has been a massive hit among fans. As part of the album’s release, Swift also unveiled special edition vinyls of “folklore” which includes a unique feature – a “hidden message” etched onto each record. One of these vinyl editions is the “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany”, which is adorned with intricate patterns and comes in a deep mahogany hue. Here are 5 things you need to know about this special edition vinyl.

1. The Design

The “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” is a deluxe edition vinyl that can be ordered through Swift’s official website. The vinyl features a beautiful deep mahogany color with hints of black and gold, which create an air of sophistication. The album cover also features intricate designs on the front and back, which are original art pieces by Jonathan Bergeron. The vinyl sleeve itself depicts a forest in the moonlight, which perfectly captures the ethereal and dreamy vibe of “folklore”.

The back cover of the vinyl edition has a collage of photographs from the album’s photoshoot. On the bottom left corner of the sleeve, you can find the number #8976, which shows the unique edition number for this particular vinyl. The uniqueness of this edition, coupled with its design, makes it a perfect collector’s item for Taylor Swift fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike.

2. Hidden Messages

One of the most exciting features of the “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” is its hidden messages, which are etched onto each vinyl. The album’s lyrics feature cryptic messages and Easter eggs that reveal a deeper meaning behind each song. Swift has been known for including hidden messages in her albums ever since she started her career, but with the “folklore” vinyls, she took it up a notch.

Each vinyl record in the “Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” edition has a unique hidden message etched on the outer edge. Fans have to shine a light onto the vinyl’s surface to be able to read the message. Swift fans are known for their online sleuthing skills when it comes to decoding Easter eggs, and this vinyl’s hidden messages give them ample opportunities to do so.

3. The Tracklist

The “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” features all 16 tracks from the “folklore” album, including the bonus track “the lakes”. “folklore” is Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album and one of her most significant musical departures. The album has a more subdued and introspective tone than Swift’s previous pop albums. It’s a celebration of storytelling and imagination, which showcases Swift’s songwriting skills in a new light. The physical format of the vinyl adds another layer of depth to the album’s experience, making it an even more immersive listening experience.

4. The Sound Quality

One of the primary reasons why vinyl enthusiasts appreciate this medium is because of the sound quality. Vinyl records have a warmer, richer, and more authentic sound than digital music files. The “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” edition is no exception. The vinyl is made of high-quality material, ensuring that you get the best sound quality possible while listening to your favorite tracks. With the correct equipment, you can enjoy the full richness and depth of “folklore” in this vinyl edition.

5. Availability and Price

The “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” edition is available for purchase on Swift’s official website for $49.98. It’s one of the more expensive vinyl editions for “folklore”. However, it’s worth noting that this edition is limited and likely to be a collectible item in the future. If you’re a die-hard Taylor Swift fan or a vinyl enthusiast, it’s an excellent investment to add to your collection. If you missed out on this edition, don’t worry, as there are other vinyls from the “folklore” era available on her website.


The “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” is a beautiful vinyl edition that perfectly complements the ethereal and dreamy vibe of “folklore”. Its unique design, hidden messages, and superior sound quality make it a perfect collector’s item for Taylor Swift fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of physical music formats and reminds us why vinyls have become such a coveted medium among music lovers. Pick up a “Taylor Swift Midnight Vinyl Mahogany” edition today and experience “folklore” in a whole new way.

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