The Caddy Girls Shark Tank

Summary: The Caddy Girls Shark Tank pitch was one of the most controversial in recent years. The company’s female caddies created a buzz, but some questioned whether their business model was ethical. Despite the criticism, the team received multiple offers, ultimately accepting one from businessman Mark Cuban.

1. The Caddy Girls’ Origin Story

The Caddy Girls is a Florida-based company that provides professional female caddies for golf events and other outings. The company was founded in 2005 by Meghan Tarmey, a former model and pageant queen. According to Tarmey, she came up with the idea for the business after working as a caddy at a charity golf tournament. She noticed that there weren’t any female caddies on the course and thought she could fill that gap in the market.

Tarmey initially started the company with just a handful of caddies, all of whom were her friends. However, as the company began to grow, she started recruiting more women through social media and casting calls.

The Caddy Girls quickly gained attention for their unique service. Not only did they provide skilled golf caddies, but they also offered something that no one else in the industry had: attractive, outgoing young women who could provide entertainment as well as assistance on the course.

2. The Caddy Girls Pitch on Shark Tank

In 2018, the Caddy Girls appeared on an episode of the hit show Shark Tank. The team consisted of Tarmey and two of her caddies, Dylan and Colby. During their pitch, the three women explained their business model and asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

The reaction from the sharks was mixed. Some, like Kevin O’Leary, praised the company’s innovation and potential for expansion. Others, however, were more critical of the business model. Lori Greiner, for example, questioned whether it was ethical to hire young women based solely on their looks and use them as “props” at events.

Despite the criticism, the sharks were clearly intrigued by the Caddy Girls. Eventually, Mark Cuban made an offer: $100,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company, with an additional $250,000 available as a line of credit. Tarmey and her team accepted Cuban’s offer, marking one of the most controversial deals ever made on the show.

3. The Ethics Debate

After the episode aired, the Caddy Girls faced intense scrutiny over their business model. Some critics argued that the company was exploiting its female employees by hiring them based on their appearance rather than their skills or qualifications. Others defended the company, pointing out that the caddies were well-paid and had the opportunity to make valuable connections through their work.

The controversy sparked a larger conversation about the objectification of women in the entertainment industry. Many argued that the Caddy Girls were just one example of a larger trend, in which young women are hired for their looks rather than their talent or experience.

The Caddy Girls themselves initially seemed taken aback by the criticisms. In an interview with Golf Digest, Tarmey acknowledged that the company’s image had been “tarnished” by the Shark Tank episode. However, she stood by her belief that the company provided a valuable service that was in high demand.

4. Where Are They Now?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the Caddy Girls have continued to expand. The company now boasts a roster of over 1,000 caddies, and has expanded into new markets like Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Despite the initial controversy, the Caddy Girls have become a popular fixture at golf events across the country. Many clients appreciate the added entertainment value that the caddies provide, and enjoy having attractive young women on the course.

However, some critics continue to question whether the company’s business model is ethical. In 2019, an article in The Guardian criticized the Caddy Girls and other similar companies for perpetuating the objectification of women in the entertainment industry.


The Caddy Girls Shark Tank pitch was controversial, but ultimately successful. Despite criticism from some of the sharks and others in the industry, the team received multiple offers and ultimately accepted a deal with Mark Cuban. Today, the company continues to grow, providing professional female caddies and entertainment services for a diverse range of clients. While the debate over the ethics of their business model will likely continue, it’s clear that there is significant demand for the Caddy Girls’ services in the market.

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