The Ellen Degeneres Show Season 19 Episode 127

Summary: In episode 127 of the 19th season of The Ellen Degeneres Show, the renowned actor Chris Hemsworth made an appearance to discuss his upcoming movie, Extraction. The episode was packed with fun segments, heartwarming stories, and exciting giveaways for the audience. Ellen’s ability to connect and build relationships with her guests shone through, making it an entertaining episode for all.

1. Chris Hemsworth Talks About His New Film

The episode kicked off with Chris Hemsworth, famous for his role as Thor in Marvel’s Avengers movies, coming in to talk about his new action-packed film Extraction. Ellen and Chris had a fun back-and-forth discussing his workout routine and how he prepared for the role. They also talked about the scenes that were shot in India and the challenges that came with filming there.

In addition, Hemsworth shared a clip from the movie that left the audience breathless. It was obvious that he had put in a lot of effort into physically preparing for this role, as he performed intense stunts and choreography that looked both believable and thrilling onscreen.

The segment was a great way to start the episode, as Chris offered some lighthearted banter while simultaneously promoting his new movie.

2. Ellen Gives a Platform for Emotional Moments

One of the unique aspects of The Ellen Degeneres Show is its ability to create a platform for individuals to share their heartwarming stories – and episode 127 did not disappoint. Ellen invited a woman named Sarah onto the show who had lost her husband to cancer but had been keeping his memory alive by leaving $100 tips for waitresses.

Ellen and Sarah discussed how she got started with the tradition, and the impact it had on the recipients. Sarah also revealed how she’s been teaching her children to honor their father’s memory by carrying out the tradition with her. It was an emotional moment that had both Ellen and the audience in tears.

Ellen’s ability to create touching moments like this is what distinguishes The Ellen Degeneres Show from other talk shows, as she utilizes her platform to bring awareness to the uplifting stories that often go unnoticed.

3. Ellen Expresses Gratitude for Frontline Workers During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, and Ellen took a moment to show appreciation towards the front-line workers who have been sacrificing their time and efforts to keep people safe and healthy. In collaboration with Shutterfly, the show gave away multi-thousand dollar gift cards to several essential workers, thanking them for their hard work.

In between segments, Ellen would cut to a video message showing how people all around the country are doing their part in the fight against the virus, including people sewing masks, creating meals for those in need, and donating resources to hospitals.

It was a heartwarming reminder of how people can come together in times of need.

4. Ellen Plays Games with Her Audience

The Ellen Degeneres Show is known for its unique and fun games that it plays with its audience and guests, and episode 127 was no exception. She played a game called “Name That Tune” where members of the audience had to guess the name of a song based on snippets of music that were played.

She also introduced a new segment where she made calls to fans and asked them silly questions, leaving everyone laughing and entertained.

These segments add a playful element to the show, making it a lighthearted way to break up some of the more serious moments.


Overall, episode 127 of The Ellen Degeneres Show was an entertaining and thoughtful way to spend an hour. It featured a wide range of segments, each with their unique charm. Whether it was Hemsworth’s exciting look at his new movie, Sarah’s touching story, or the shoutouts to essential frontline workers, this episode reminded viewers of the value of positivity and connection during turbulent times.

Ellen always finds a way to connect with her guests, allowing them to share their stories and promote their work in an engaging and enjoyable way. And, as always, she stays true to her values of kindness and generosity, making it a show worth tuning into.

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