The Garcias Season 2

Summary: Garcia’s Season 2 is an American comedy-drama streaming television series that was released on Netflix on October 4, 2019. The series revolves around the story of a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles, who own and operate a successful local restaurant. This season highlights the challenges faced by the family members in maintaining their relationships while struggling to keep their business alive in the competitive world.

1. Family Ties and Struggles

The show’s premise is based on exploring the complexities of family dynamics. This season emphasizes on the interpersonal relationships within the Garcia family. There are moments of fierce competition between members followed by acts of love and consideration. Emilio and Lucia face tensions because of their differences in handling business problems. Yolanda and Juliana struggle to maintain their secret relationship from their respective families.

The Garcia family also faces external issues beyond their control that challenge their unity, from the threat of gentrification to mounting debts. As they navigate through these obstacles, they learn valuable lessons about how important it is to come together as a family and support each other.

Overall, this season stands out for its ability to portray the many different facets of life within a family. It captures the essence of love, support, and of course, struggles that come with being part of a family.

2. Positive Portrayal of Cuban-American Culture

Garcia’s Season 2 features a predominantly Latinx cast that showcases the rich and diverse cultures of Cuban-Americans. We see various scenes and references throughout the show that portrays the traditions of their community from food, music, language, and customs.

This season also explores how the younger generation struggles to connect with their heritage while living in a predominantly white society. There’s a scene where Emilio’s daughter, Valentina, feels insecure about her Cuban accent while taking a phone order for the restaurant. These perspectives offer insight into the younger generation’s struggle to form an identity that is influenced by both the American culture and their roots.

In contrast, the show also highlights how older generations struggle to adapt and integrate into a more modern society. We see this through the character of Beto, who has cultural and linguistic barriers when it comes to socializing with his co-workers.

3. The Business Struggle

The family members need to deal with many business challenges, such as skyrocketing rents and developing competition amongst other rival restaurants. It all started when a company named “The Golden Dish” bought surrounding properties to redevelopment the area. This new development threatens their authenticity, and the Garcia family must keep up with modern competitors without sacrificing their values.

Throughout the season, the family members learn to make tough decisions to sustain their business. Emilio considers different strategies, including franchising, to expand their business while also compromising their 100-year-old tradition. Meanwhile, Lucia tries to save money by coming up with a new dish that caters to a wider audience. These struggles depict the importance of preserving a family-owned business. They have personal stakes invested in their enterprises, beyond just economic returns.

The series ties together the message that not only running a business but running a prospering business while wearing different hats takes grit and communication. They learn to work together when the odds are against them.

4. Struggles In Love

The family members face difficulties in romantic relationships, where everyone tries to figure out how to balance family expectations with their personal lives. Emilio and Lucia’s relationship hits a snag as they struggle to find a way to work together and maintain their romance. Meanwhile, Yolanda and Juliana deal with their relationships’ secrecy issues when they’re unable to express their feelings in public.

The trials of their romantic connections add engaging layers of drama to the story and highlight how love can be both fulfilling and isolating at the same time.

This season’s portrayal of love emphasizes the importance of communication and honesty in maintaining relationships, whether romantic or not.

5. Strong Performance

The show’s cast gives incredible personal performances. Each character has a treasured storyline that revolves around their own conflicts and motivations, which are portrayed accurately on screen. Adilah Barnes as Banks and Ana Fabrega as Gabby give a fantastic breakout in this season, playing essential roles in the storyline and enhancing the different moves of comedy and drama. Maestro Harrell’s charisma and depth make Emilio Garcia a compelling figurehead while Flavio Gismondi as Mikey is utterly endearing as the young chef who is still learning about his heritage and culture.

Garcia’s Season 2 features great performances, commendable writing and scriptwriting, and an overall excellent production quality that makes the audience experiences an emotional rollercoaster throughout the show.


In Summary, Garcia’s Season 2 depicts the vibrancy of Cuban-American culture, celebrates the importance of family ties, and highlights the struggle of sustaining a business amongst gentrification, debts, and competing rivalries. The show weaves their themes together beautifully into a compelling narrative that explores love, culture, tradition, and triumphs over adversity. Above it all, the showreels a perfect representation of modern managing for families and business-owners amid societal changes. A worth-watch series featuring strong performances from the aspiring cast and delivering exceptional values to its viewers.

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