The Hunted 1998

Summary: The Hunted is a 1998 film directed by J.F. Lawton and starring Christopher Lambert and Joan Chen. This action-thriller movie follows the story of a tracker named Paul Racine, who gets caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between two former friends turned enemies.

1. Introducing the Characters

The Hunted starts with the introduction of two central characters – Paul Racine (Lambert), a skilled tracker who works for a wealthy businessman, and Kirina (Chen), a young and beautiful interpreter who works for a Japanese company. After a chance encounter, they quickly develop feelings for each other, which sets up the romantic side of the story.

However, the two lead characters are not the only ones in this tale. The film introduces Johnny Ransom (John Lone), a former army buddy of Paul’s who has become a sociopathic killer. The other important character is Kinjo (Yoshio Harada), a ruthless businessman and Yakuza boss who hires Paul to track down Kirina.

With these four characters established, the stage is set for a high-stakes confrontation that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

2. The Setting and Storyline

The Hunted takes place in Portland, Oregon, and its lush forests provide the perfect backdrop for the action and chase scenes that take place there. The storyline revolves around Paul’s attempts to protect Kirina from Ransom and Kinjo. His initial task is to track down Kirina after she goes missing while translating for the Yakuza.

As the story progresses, the focus shifts to the growing conflict between Ransom and Kinjo. Both men have a history with Paul, and their shared past adds an extra dimension to the film’s action sequences. The Hunted is a fast-paced thriller that never lets up until its thrilling conclusion.

The film is also notable for its depiction of Japanese culture and customs, particularly those of the Yakuza. Director J.F. Lawton went to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of his portrayal, and this attention to detail adds depth to the movie’s characters and storyline.

3. Action and Suspense

The Hunted is an action-packed thriller that delivers plenty of excitement. From the opening scenes, viewers are drawn into a world of car chases, gunfights, and hand-to-hand combat. The film’s action sequences are well-staged and expertly choreographed, adding to the film’s overall sense of tension and suspense.

In addition to the film’s physical action, there are several suspenseful moments throughout the story. For example, one scene involves Paul and Kirina hiding in an abandoned warehouse while Ransom searches for them. This scene is shot with a sense of urgency and danger that keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

Overall, The Hunted is a great example of an action movie done right. It balances adrenaline-pumping chases and fight scenes with moments of suspense and drama, creating a truly gripping viewing experience.

4. The Cast and Performances

The Hunted boasts a talented cast, led by Christopher Lambert and Joan Chen. Lambert brings his trademark intensity to the role of Paul, while Chen is both charming and tough as Kirina. John Lone is suitably menacing as Ransom, while Yoshio Harada exudes authority as Kinjo.

One notable aspect of the performances in The Hunted is the use of different languages. The film includes scenes in English, Japanese, and French, with subtitles provided as needed. This multilingual approach adds an extra layer of authenticity to the movie’s depiction of global business and criminal enterprises.

Overall, the performances in The Hunted are strong across the board. Each actor brings their A-game to their respective roles, resulting in a well-rounded and engaging movie experience.

5. The Music and Sound Design

The music and sound design in The Hunted play an important role in shaping the movie’s atmosphere. The score, by Roger Bellon, is a mix of electronic and orchestral sounds that add tension and excitement to the action scenes. It features a memorable main theme that captures the film’s sense of danger and intrigue.

In terms of sound design, The Hunted uses various effects to immerse viewers in its world. The sounds of bullets whizzing by, cars screeching to a halt, and weapons firing all add to the film’s visceral impact. These sound elements, combined with the movie’s score, create a cohesive audio experience that enhances the overall quality of the film.


The Hunted is a thrilling and well-crafted action movie that showcases strong performances, exciting action sequences, and careful attention to detail. From its opening scenes to its explosive finale, this movie delivers non-stop entertainment that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re a fan of Christopher Lambert or just looking for a great action movie to watch, The Hunted is definitely worth checking out.

With its striking setting, dynamic characters, and memorable soundtrack, it’s a movie that delivers on all fronts.

So, grab some popcorn and settle in for a wild ride with this classic action-thriller.

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