Ugramm Kannada Movie

Summary: Ugramm is a Kannada action-thriller movie released in 2014 directed by Prashanth Neel. The film stars Srimurali and Haripriya in lead roles and has gained a cult following, particularly for its action sequences and cinematography.

1. Background and Plot

Ugramm is a movie that had been in production for nearly two years before its release. The film initially generated buzz due to its cast and crew, including director Prashanth Neel, composer Ravi Basrur, and cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda. The plot revolves around Agastya, a former hitman who seeks redemption by saving innocent people from danger. What follows is a series of intense thriller sequences as Agastya tries to carry out his mission while simultaneously battling his inner demons.

The film explores themes such as morality, violence, and the idea of a second chance, which are universal and relatable, making it a hit with audiences across linguistic barriers. The actors’ performances and the screenplay’s tightness also add to the movie’s appeal.

The climax of the film leaves a lasting impression on the audience and is often cited as one of the most unforgettable endings in Indian cinema history.

2. Cast and Crew

Director Prashanth Neel, who later went on to direct the Baahubali-esque KGF, makes his mark with Ugramm. The film’s cinematographer, Bhuvan Gowda, captured the essence of the story and breathed life into it. The background score and music by Ravi Basrur also add depth to the movie.

Srimurali, who plays the lead role of Agastya, delivered an explosive performance that resonated with audiences. Haripriya, who played the female lead role of Radha, also received critical acclaim for her portrayal.

The supporting cast, which included Atul Kulkarni and Avinash, added to the film’s overall impact.

3. Action Sequences

One of the hallmarks of Ugramm is its intense action sequences that rival those of Hollywood movies in terms of sheer spectacle. The scenes include fistfights, gun battles, and one-on-many brawls that have become iconic.

The movie’s most memorable action sequence is a 10-minute, one-take fight scene that involves Srimurali’s character fighting off an entire gang single-handedly. The scene is so precisely choreographed and executed that it has become legendary among Indian cinema fans.

The film’s stunts and fight scenes, carried out by stunt coordinator Ravi Varma, add authenticity to the movie’s gritty subject matter, making it stand out from other action films.

4. Cinematography

Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography plays a crucial role in the film’s success, capturing the mood and tone perfectly. The movie’s dark and gloomy aesthetic, with a predominantly grey-blue colour palette, adds to the tension of the action sequences. The lighting and camera angles are used intelligently to highlight the characters’ emotions and their inner turmoil.

The opening credits of the movie, shot in black and white, set the tone for the rest of the film’s themes. The use of different camera techniques, including handheld shots and slow-motion, adds to the movie’s gritty realism.

Gowda’s contribution to the film’s look and feel cannot be overstated, as his work provided the perfect backdrop for the story’s action sequences.

5. Box Office and Critical Reception

Ugramm received high critical praise upon its release and is considered one of the best Kannada movies ever made. The movie also performed exceptionally well at the box office, becoming a major commercial success.

The film’s positive reception brought glory to the production house, Inkfinite Pictures, and elevated the career of director Prashanth Neel and composer Ravi Basrur. Srimurali’s performance further cemented his status as one of the Kannada film industry’s most talented actors.

The film’s cult following has only grown since its release, with fans eagerly awaiting news of a sequel or spin-off.


In conclusion, Ugramm is a movie that ticked all the right boxes, resulting in a masterpiece that will always be remembered in Indian cinema. The filmmakers’ attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the movie, from the performances to the action sequences and cinematography. The film’s success provided a platform for its cast and crew to achieve greater heights, and most importantly, it entertained audiences and left a lasting impression on them.

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