Vedam Movie In Amazon Prime

Summary: Vedam is a Telugu-language movie available on Amazon Prime. This movie has a variety of interesting facets, including its star-studded cast, unique storyline, and impactful social commentary. Viewers have been raving about Vedam since its release, making it one of the most popular Telugu movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Star-Studded Cast

Vedam features an impressive cast of well-known actors. The movie stars Allu Arjun, Manoj Manchu, Anushka Shetty, Deeksha Seth, and Manoj Bajpayee. Each actor brings their own unique talents to the film, making for a truly captivating viewing experience. These actors have won critical acclaim for their performances in other movies as well, and their coming together in Vedam demonstrates their power to captivate audiences.

The combination of these five actors is more than just star power – it’s a dynamic mix that complements the movie’s plot and messages. All of the protagonists face their own challenges and must overcome them to succeed. The characters are complex and give the actors opportunities to showcase their skills. The performances that these actors deliver make Vedam a compelling and memorable movie.

Additionally, the supporting actors in the movie are also excellent. Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, and Tanikella Bharani all put in memorable performances that add another layer of engagement to this already-star-studded cast.

2. Unique Storyline

Vedam tells a thought-provoking and engaging story. The movie follows five different individuals who all come from different walks of life but are brought together by fate. There is a rockstar, a destitute man, a prostitute, a college student, and a businessman. These seemingly unrelated individuals’ stories intersect at one crucial moment, leading to a thrilling and emotional climax.

The movie takes audiences on a ride through poverty, love, hopelessness, and sacrifice. Director Krish Jagarlamudi skillfully balances these diverse themes and provides audiences with ample thought fodder through the 2 hour, 15-minute runtime of the movie.

Through the story’s threads, viewers are asked to consider several challenging questions. Among them: what are the lengths we go to, to meet our objectives? How do we find redemption? And how does one distinguish between right and wrong? Vedam answers these questions through dramatic storytelling that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

3. Meaningful Social Commentary

Vedam engages audiences not only through its storyline but also through its social commentary. The film’s themes draw attention to societal issues that are often ignored in polite conversation. Through its characters, the movie sheds light on problems like financial inequality, social injustice, sex work, and the taboos around it, and more.

The social commentary in the movie is nuanced and never preachy. It strikes the right balance between being thought-provoking and entertaining. Vedam’s writers tackle difficult subjects with a dexterity that holds the audience’s attention and makes them think about the issues tackled long after the movie ends.

One famous scene from the movie shows a pregnant woman who needs medical attention but is denied it due to her low financial status. This sequence is not just emotionally charged but also highlights the terrible reality of those who don’t have access to basic medical care.


Vedam deserves all the accolades it has received since its release. Its star-studded cast, unique storyline, and social commentary combine to make it a truly captivating Telugu-language movie. The film’s theme of human redemption and the message of hope resonate with audiences from all walks of life. Its undeniable entertainment value and its thought-provoking nature make Vedam one of the best Telugu movies available on Amazon Prime Video.

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