Velvet Season 2

Summary: Velvet Season 2 is a Spanish television series that is set in the 1950s, following the story of the Galerias Velvet’s employees and their personal relationships. The show garnered positive reviews and a large fanbase with its first season and returned with a more intense drama and obstacles for its beloved characters to face.

1. The Storyline

Velvet Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, with businessman Alberto returning to Galerias Velvet from his trip to Italy. The clothes store has gained immense success and popularity due to its employees’ hard work and dedication. However, with Alberto’s return, things become more complicated – especially when it comes to his romantic relationship with Ana. The storyline revolves around Alberto and Ana’s struggle to stay together while facing various obstacles presented by their families, business partners, and personal differences.

Meanwhile, other characters such as Rita, Luisa, and Pedro also face significant challenges and heartbreaks in their personal lives. The show explores themes of loyalty, love, ambition, and betrayal – making it a gripping drama.

The season’s finale is one of the most talked-about episodes, leaving audiences heartbroken, hopeful, and excited for the next season.

2. The Cast and Characters

The cast of Velvet Season 2 is made up of talented actors who bring their A-game to their respective roles. Miguel Angel Silvestre portrays Alberto, the heir to the Galerias Velvet empire, while Paula Echevarria plays Ana, the talented and hardworking seamstress who falls in love with Alberto. Other notable characters include Clara Lago as Rita, whose heart is torn between two brothers, and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon as Dona Blanca, the powerful businesswoman who owns the Galerias Velvet store and is determined to see it succeed.

The show’s characters are well-developed, and audiences find themselves invested in their personal lives and relationships. Each character faces their unique struggles and obstacles, making it a balanced and dynamic cast.

Furthermore, the chemistry between the actors is excellent, making their on-screen relationships even more convincing.

3. The Fashion and Sets

Vera Wang once said, “You can’t fake fashion.” And that’s evident in Velvet Season 2. The show’s costumes and sets are visually stunning and add authenticity to the storyline set in the 1950s. The clothing and accessories featured in the show are fantastic, showcasing fashion trends of the era. The seamstresses’ work and their daily routine add depth to the storyline and are portrayed realistically.

The sets are equally impressive, with the Galerias Velvet store and other locations accurately capturing the essence of Spain in the ’50s. The attention to detail adds another layer to the viewing experience and transports viewers to a different time and place.

Overall, the fashion and sets contribute significantly to the show’s success and are essential elements in bringing the story to life.

4. The Soundtrack

The show’s soundtrack is nostalgic and perfectly captures the essence of the time period. The usage of Spanish songs from the ’50s and ’60s set the tone and evoke emotions that complement the storyline. The music is well thought out and well placed, adding another layer to the overall viewing experience.

The theme song for the show, “Atresmedia presenta: Galerías Velvet (Cabecera)” by Sofia Ellar, is catchy and iconic, and has become synonymous with the show’s brand.

The show’s music is perfect to listen to on its own or as a memorable part of the show itself.

5. The Reception and Fanbase

Velvet Season 2 received a positive response from critics and audiences alike, who praised it for its gripping storyline, talented cast, and excellent production design. It continues to have a loyal fanbase who love and support the show.

The show has also won numerous awards, including multiple Ondas Awards and Feroz Awards.

Velvet Season 2 has fans pleading for more gripping storylines, character development, and a satisfying conclusion.


Velvet Season 2 delivers another fantastic experience for viewers that is full of drama, fashion, music, and great characters. The show’s well-crafted storyline, vibrant cast, beautiful sets, and timely music take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster and transport them to the 1950s in Spain. Fans continue to support the show and can’t wait to see what’s in store for their beloved characters in the future seasons. If you haven’t watched Velvet Season 2, it’s time to binge-watch and indulge in the glamourous world of Galerias Velvet.

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