Vin Diesel Father

Summary: Vin Diesel is a famous Hollywood actor and director who has acted in some blockbuster movies such as “Fast and Furious” series. However, little is known about his father’s background and personal life. This article aims to explore the life of Vin Diesel’s father and shed light on his contribution to his famous son’s success.

1. Early Life of Irving Vincent

Vin Diesel’s father’s name was Irving Vincent. He was born on January 5, 1947, in New York City to Delora Sherleen Sinclair and Irving H Vincent. Irving Vincent grew up in a neighborhood that had a high crime rate, but he was determined to succeed despite the odds against him.

Irving Vincent worked hard to achieve his dreams of becoming an acting coach and leave his rough upbringing behind. He tirelessly worked and attended school, eventually earning a degree in Philosophy from Hunter College.

Despite his education, Irving Vincent initially struggled to make a living off of acting coaching. Despite this, he continued to persevere his passion for acting and continued to work as a coach, never giving up on his vision of what he wanted to achieve.

2. Irving Vincent’s Influence on Vin Diesel

Irving Vincent’s influence is evident throughout Vin Diesel’s career, both in his acting and directing. For example, after Vin Diesel’s breakup with his girlfriend, he went back to his father for solace.

It was during this time that Irving Vincent encouraged his son to explore his artistic side and pursue his passion for acting. Over time, Vin Diesel began to work in theater productions alongside his father and made several short films with his father’s support.

Indeed, Vin Diesel’s work ethic is also credited by him to his father, who taught him to strive tirelessly to achieve whatever he set his mind on – just like Irving Vincent had done himself.

3. Irving Vincent’s Acting Career

Irving Vincent made several appearances throughout his career, primarily in small roles and non-credited positions. He is best known for his work as an acting coach and not for his acting performance.

Although Irving Vincent was not hugely successful as an actor, he trained many successful actors such as Ben Stiller and Edward Norton, amongst others. Despite this, he never became bitter about his talented students’ successes or envious of their successes. He always celebrated their achievements and continued to support those around him.

According to Vin Diesel, his father’s positive attitude helped shape the values that have guided him to success throughout his career.

4. Irving Vincent’s Private Life

Irving Vincent was married twice but did not have any other children apart from Vin Diesel. Not much is known about his first marriage, but it is known that he married his second wife, Jacqueline Domac, in 1982 and remained together until his passing in 2001.

Irving Vincent was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 1998, during a time when Vin Diesel was gaining popularity in Hollywood. Nevertheless, Irving Vincent’s illness never dampened his spirits, and he continued to work and support his son’s thriving career until his passing.

5. Irving Vincent’s Legacy

Irving Vincent passed away on July 21, 2001, but his legacy lives on through Vin Diesel. Irving Vincent was an inspiration to many in the film industry, his family, fans, and his son, Vin Diesel.

Through his work and his dedication to his craft, Irving Vincent has left a lasting impact on those around him, including his son Vin Diesel. Irving’s Vincent’s perseverance and positive attitude have undoubtedly contributed to the success that Vin Diesel has achieved in his career.


In conclusion, Irving Vincent was an influential figure in Vin Diesel’s life. Though Irving Vincent did not achieve the level of success that his son eventually did, he helped shape the values and work ethic that guided Vin Diesel in his career. With his perseverance and dedication, Irving Vincent proved that it is possible to overcome any obstacles and achieve one’s dreams. Irving Vincent’s legacy serves as an inspiration to many in the film industry and beyond.

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