Vin Diesel When He Had Hair

Summary: Before becoming a Hollywood action star, Vin Diesel had a full head of hair that he rocked in his early acting days. The now iconic bald look was a result of his role in Pitch Black (2000), but his previous hairdo is still a sight to behold.

1. Who is Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel, born Mark Sinclair Vincent in 1967, is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He began his acting career in the early 1990s, with minor roles in films like Awakenings (1990) and Saving Private Ryan (1998). He rose to fame after starring in the blockbuster hit, The Fast and the Furious (2001), which paved the way for his successful career in action films.

Before he became well-known for his tough-guy persona and shaved head, Diesel sported a different look in his early acting days.

With thick, curly black hair and chiseled features, the future Hollywood star was virtually unrecognizable from his current self.

2. Early Acting Days

Vin Diesel’s first onscreen appearance was in a short film called Multi-Facial (1995), which he also directed and wrote. The film was inspired by Diesel’s own experiences as a struggling actor and depicts the difficulties he faced as an ethnically ambiguous actor in Hollywood.

Over the next few years, Diesel continued to act in small films while trying to break into the mainstream. In 1997, he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Strays, a low-budget indie film about a group of friends in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

It wasn’t until his role in Saving Private Ryan (1998) that people began to take notice of Diesel’s acting talent. He played the role of Private Adrian Caparzo, one of the soldiers who helped save Matt Damon’s character.

3. The Hair

One of the defining characteristics of Vin Diesel’s early appearance was his thick head of hair. In fact, he often wore his hair in tight curls that gave him a distinctive look. This was evident in films like Multi-Facial (1995) and Strays (1997).

An image search for “Vin Diesel with hair” brings up a slew of photos that show the actor in various hairstyles.

In one photo, he’s sporting a close-cropped buzz cut while wearing a leather jacket and a serious expression. In another, he’s got longer curly hair that falls past his shoulders. There’s even a photo of him with a shaved head and a thin mustache, looking like a completely different person.

4. The Bald Look

So, why did Vin Diesel decide to shave his head? The answer lies in his breakthrough role in Pitch Black (2000).

In the film, he played the antihero Riddick, a criminal who is stranded on a deserted planet and fights to survive against deadly creatures. Diesel’s bald head not only added to the tough-guy persona of the character but also made him stand out from other actors of his generation who sported more conventional hairstyles.

After Pitch Black, Diesel continued to embrace the bald look in other films like XXX (2002), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), and the Fast & Furious franchise.

5. Legacy of Vin Diesel’s Hair

Despite his now-iconic bald look, Vin Diesel’s early days as an actor with a full head of hair are still a topic of conversation among fans.

Many have praised his pre-bald look, claiming that it added to his sex appeal and rugged appearance. Some have even joked that they “miss the hair” and wish he would bring back the curls.

Regardless of how you feel about Vin Diesel’s hair (or lack thereof), there’s no denying that the actor has had a long and successful career in Hollywood.


While Vin Diesel is now known for his shaved head and tough-guy persona, he originally sported a full head of curly black hair that added to his unique look as a young actor.

His early roles showcased his acting talent, including his breakout role in Saving Private Ryan (1998) and his writing and directorial debut in Strays (1997).

Although his bald look has become iconic, there’s no denying that the legacy of Vin Diesel’s hair lives on in the hearts of his fans.

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