Vin Diesel With Twin Brother

Summary: Vin Diesel is a well-known Hollywood actor, filmmaker and producer who gained immense fame through his unforgettable performances in blockbuster movies. What many people don’t know is that Vin Diesel has a twin brother named Paul Vincent who leads a very private life. This article will explore the lesser-known twin brother of Vin Diesel and shed light on their bond as brothers.

1. Childhood and Early Life

Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent were born on July 18, 1967, in Alameda County, California. The twins never knew their biological father and were raised by their mother, Delora Sherleen Sinclair, who was an astrologer and psychologist. Due to financial struggles, Delora had to work multiple jobs to provide for her children. Vin Diesel once spoke about their tough childhood, saying that they often slept in the same bed and shared the same clothes.

The twins shared a love for acting, and they both attended Hunter College in New York City to study theater. However, Paul Vincent eventually dropped out after the first year, while Vin Diesel continued to pursue his passion for acting.

Despite following different paths, Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel have always been very close, and Vin even named one of his children after his brother.

2. The Reclusive Twin Brother

Paul Vincent, unlike his famous brother, prefers to lead a private life and stay away from the limelight. He works as a film editor and has edited some of Vin Diesel’s movies, including “The Fast and the Furious” and “xXx.” Paul Vincent is also known to have made occasional appearances at red carpet events with his brother.

While Paul Vincent has been spotted at a few industry events, he has never given interviews or publicly spoken about his relationship with his brother. In fact, it is rumored that only a handful of people in the movie industry have actually met Paul Vincent, and he avoids social media altogether.

Despite his reclusive nature, it’s clear that Paul Vincent is a big part of Vin Diesel’s life, and the two brothers share a deep bond.

3. Similarities and Differences

While they may be twins, Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel have some distinct differences. For one, Vin Diesel is known for his muscular physique and bald head, while his brother is often spotted with longer hair and a more slim build. Additionally, Vin Diesel is an actor who has starred in numerous blockbuster films, while Paul Vincent prefers to work behind the scenes as a film editor.

Despite these differences, the brothers share similarities in their love for acting and their close bond. It’s clear that they both value their relationship with each other, and Vin Diesel has cited his brother as his biggest inspiration and “hero.”

As Vin Diesel once said in an interview, “We’re fraternal twins, but we look alike. He’s an amazing person… He’s been such a support; he’s my best friend in the world.”

4. Supporting Each Other’s Careers

Even though they chose different paths, Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel have always been supportive of each other’s careers. Paul Vincent has edited many of Vin Diesel’s movies, and Vin Diesel has often shared his brother’s work on his social media platforms.

In return, Paul Vincent has always been there for his brother during tough times. When Vin Diesel’s best friend and co-star, Paul Walker, passed away in 2013, Paul Vincent was by his side to provide comfort and support.

The two brothers have also worked together on a short film called “Multi-Facial,” which Vin Diesel wrote, directed and starred in. The film was partially based on their experiences as mixed-race actors in Hollywood and was an important project for both brothers.

5. Beyond the Fame and Success

Despite being in the public eye, Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent value family and relationships above all else. They have maintained a close bond throughout the years, and their shared childhood experiences have only made their relationship stronger.

While they may have different professions and lead different lives, it’s clear that they are each other’s support system and biggest fans. Their story serves as a reminder that beyond fame and success, it’s the connections we make with others that matter the most.


In conclusion, Paul Vincent is the lesser-known twin brother of Vin Diesel who prefers to lead a private life. Despite their differences, the twins share a deep bond and have been supportive of each other’s careers. Their story serves as a reminder that family and relationships are the foundation of our lives, and they should always be cherished and protected.

As Vin Diesel once said, “I feel like the luckiest man alive to have a brother who is loyal and supportive like Paul Vincent.”

The bond between these brothers will always serve as an inspiration to many and a testament to true siblinghood.

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