What Record Label Is Ariana Grande Signed To

Summary: Ariana Grande is one of the world-renowned pop stars who has been ruling the music industry for more than a decade. She is known for her breathtaking voice, catchy tunes, and her bold personality. But, have you ever wondered which record label she is signed to? In this article, we will explore the answer to this question by delving into the details of Ariana Grande’s record label.

1. Ariana Grande’s Record Label – Overview

Ariana Grande is currently signed to Republic Records, which is a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. It is based in the United States and was formed in 1995. The label is known for promoting, developing, and distributing music of various genres and has partnered with numerous popular musicians over the years. Some of the notable artists signed to Republic Records include Drake, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Taylor Swift, and Lil Wayne, among others.

The partnership between Ariana Grande and Republic Records started way back in 2011 when she released her first-ever single, “Put Your Hearts Up” under the label. Since then, she has released six albums, all under Republic Records, and all her music videos feature the Republic Records logo. Furthermore, Grande has been working alongside producer duo Tommy Brown and Victoria Monet, both of whom are under the management of Scooter Braun and signed to Republic Records as well.

Overall, it is safe to say that Ariana Grande has flourished under the Republic Records label, and she owes much of her success to their support.

2. Republic Records Collaborations with Ariana Grande

Being one of the most successful musicians of recent times, Ariana Grande has collaborated with many other artists under the umbrella of Republic Records. Let’s take a look at some of her successful collaborations with the label’s signed artists.

a. Nicki Minaj

One of Ariana Grande’s most significant collaborations was with the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, who is also signed to Republic Records. The two musicians have collaborated on several tracks, such as “Bang Bang,” “Side To Side,” and “Bed.” Their music videos have been viewed billions of times on YouTube, and their songs have topped international music charts.

b. The Weeknd

The Weeknd, another popular artist signed to Republic Records, collaborated with Ariana Grande in their track, “Love Me Harder.” The song was an instant hit, becoming the duo’s first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

c. Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on the track, “Stuck with U,” was one of the biggest musical events of 2020. The song was released amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to raise funds for the First Responders Children’s Foundation. The track received critical acclaim, and the accompanying music video featured footage sent in by fans during the pandemic lockdown.

3. Ariana Grande’s Success under Republic Records

Ariana Grande has enjoyed immense success under Republic Records ever since she signed with the label. Let’s look at some of the highlights of her achievements with the label:

a. Awards and Nominations

Since signing with Republic Records, Ariana Grande has garnered numerous awards and accolades. She has won two Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and three Billboard Music Awards, among others. Furthermore, both her album, “Thank U, Next” and “Sweetener,” won the Best Pop Vocal Album award of their respective years at the Grammys.

b. Chart-Topping Music

Ariana Grande has been a music-chart topper ever since her debut under Republic Records. Several of her singles, including “7 Rings” and “thank u, next,” have topped the charts in various countries, including the US and the UK.

c. Record-Breaking Achievements

Ariana Grande has achieved record-breaking success under Republic Records, including being the first artist after The Beatles to hold the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her songs “7 rings,” “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” and “thank u, next.”


Ariana Grande has come a long way since her debut under Republic Records. The label has been instrumental in promoting and supporting her music, while also providing the resources necessary for her success. With numerous hit songs, critically acclaimed albums, and billions of views on her music videos, Ariana Grande’s career has only been on the rise under the Republic Records label. Together, Grande and Republic Records have formed one of the most successful partnerships in the music industry, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

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