Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 7

Summary: “Who Killed Sara?” is a Mexican thriller web television series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. The second season of the show has been released and it has left fans on the edge of their seats with the answers to several questions. One of the most intriguing episodes of the second season is “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7. Let’s dive into the details of this episode.

1. The discovery of Sara’s diary

The seventh episode of the second season of “Who Killed Sara?” kicks off with Marifer finding a diary in one of Sara’s hidden spots. It contained the account of several atrocities committed by the Lascano family, including the murder of Sara. She shares this stunning discovery with Alex, and they both decide that it’s time to take action against the culprits.

The diary contains all the essential information that could point them in the right direction about who killed Sara. It was a breakthrough moment in the investigation, which brought Marifer and Alex close to the truth.

However, the diary’s contents led to several shocking revelations that no one ever saw coming; it was a real game-changer in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7.

2. Impact of the diary revelation on César

The diary revelation impacts different characters differently in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7, and one of them is César, the head of the Lascano family. He begins to panic and become increasingly paranoid, thinking that everyone is out to get him.

The diary revealed every negative thing he had done in his life, which puts him in harm’s way. In an attempt to save himself, César seeks refuge in Chema’s church where he makes some dangerous and life-changing decisions.

As more people discover the diary, César must make even more impulsive decisions to steer clear of capture or arrest.

3. Response of the Lascano family to revelations

The revelation of Sara’s diary in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7 leads to a bitter confrontation between the three Lascano brothers. Chema, Alex, and Rodolfo finally come together to make sense of everything that’s going on and the impact of the diary’s revelations on their lives.

The three brothers are shocked by the contents of the diary, and Chema states that he is willing to do anything to protect his family. Alex strives to gain revenge against the Lascano family. Rodolfo becomes increasingly agitated and unsure of what to do as everything they had held dear begins to crumble.

The revelations from the diary deepened the rift between the different members of the Lascano family, bringing them closer to breaking point than ever before.

4. Marifer’s reaction to the diary’s content

Marifer was one of the central characters in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7. Her discovery of the diary made her experience a mix of emotions, including anger, sadness, and confusion. Watching the videos she discovers about all the tragedy that befell Sara is especially difficult for her, given she had thrust Juego de las llaves into the couple’s tangled relationship.

Feeling responsible for everything that has occurred, she is motivated to make things right and help bring the killers to justice. However, distractions including convincing her father she is not gay prevents her from staying focused at times.

She persists despite the threats and obstacles she encounters along the way, determined to get the answers she has always suspected are there.

5. Alex’s continued search for the truth

Alex’s quest to find out who killed Sara does not stop, even when he learns the shocking truth. He remains persistent and determined to make sure that the people responsible for Sara’s death are brought to justice.

He is not afraid of the Lascano family in “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7, even though they threaten him with grave consequences if he doesn’t lay off his investigations. But he continues to look for clues even when it seems like all hope is lost, and the investigation seems to be at a dead-end.

The more Alex learns about the Lascano family, the more convinced he becomes that they are responsible for Sara’s death. His tenacity pays off in the end, as he finally uncovers the truth about what happened.


“Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 Episode 7 delivers on its promise of being a thrilling and suspenseful episode. The discovery of Sara’s diary was a real turning point in the story that helped to unravel many of the mysteries surrounding her death.

The characters all made some consequential decisions that had serious repercussions later on. Marifer, Alex, and the Lascano brothers all struggled to come to terms with the revelations from the diary.

The episode sets up the finale of the season perfectly, promising to satisfy fans’ curiosity and delivering the long-awaited closure to the story of Sara’s murder.

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