Will Iron Resurrection Return In 2022

Summary: Will Iron Resurrection Be Returning in 2022?

1. The Popularity of the Show

Iron Resurrection is a popular car restoration show that first aired on April 13, 2016. The show garnered a massive following among car enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike. The show features Joe Martin and his team at Martin Bros Customs, as they go about their day-to-day business of restoring old cars.

Joe Martin and his team are extremely talented and skilled when it comes to restorations, so much so that every episode of Iron Resurrection is filled with surprises and amazing transformations.

Due to the popularity of the show, fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of Iron Resurrection in 2022.

2. Reasons Why Iron Resurrection Might Return in 2022

Several reasons suggest that Iron Resurrection could make a return in 2022. One reason is that the show’s main cast has been keeping busy working on various projects, which points to the possibility of them working on Iron Resurrection as well.

Another reason is the show’s impressive rating figures. In its last season, Iron Resurrection had an average viewership of 700,000 viewers per episode, with a 0.19 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for reality TV shows across various streaming platforms also bodes well for the show’s return.

3. Potential Hurdles for the Show’s Return

Despite the clear popularity of the show and the demand from fans for its return, several obstacles could prevent Iron Resurrection from returning in 2022. One major hurdle could be scheduling conflicts among the cast members. The team has been keeping busy with various individual projects, which could make it difficult to bring everyone back for the show.

Another potential hurdle is a lack of funding or a satisfactory agreement with the network. The show’s budget was cut in its last season, making it difficult to produce an episode that lives up to the standards expected by fans.

Lastly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could add an additional hindrance to the production schedule if the team has trouble traveling or recording episodes as a group.

4. The Possible Release Date for Iron Resurrection in 2022

If Iron Resurrection does return in 2022, fans might expect to see the show air sometime mid-year. The show typically premieres its new seasons in April and ends them in September.

However, due to possible scheduling conflicts and the complications brought about by the current pandemic, the release date could be pushed back further.

The current situation with the pandemic also makes it uncertain whether Martin Bros Customs would be able to work simultaneously on numerous restoration projects as they would have pre-pandemic. This could delay the inevitable return of the show.


Iron Resurrection has been a popular show since it first premiered in 2016. Its impressive rating figures and devoted fan base point towards a likely return in 2022. However, possible hurdles such as scheduling conflicts, lack of funding, and the current pandemic could prevent the show from returning on time. Fans eagerly anticipate the show’s return and hope that the obstacles can be overcome so that we can once again be treated to the magic of Martin Bros Customs and Joe Martin’s talented team.

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