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Summary: Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka in Tim Burton’s 2005 rendition of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” captured the eccentric chocolatier’s essence, but the character’s iconic costume also played a significant role. One such garment was the purple velvet jacket that took center stage in many scenes. With its unique design and rich color, this jacket has become a fan favorite and an essential part of Depp’s Wonka persona.

1. The Design of the Jacket

The jacket Willy Wonka wears is in a beautiful purple velvet, that is both eye-catching and striking. With its oversized lapels, double-breasted front (which is missing one button), and the exaggerated length, the coat is as unique as Depp’s portrayal of the character he embodied. The cuffs are lined with aqua blue fur, a color that contrasts but also complements the purple hue of the coat. The jacket’s signature quirky style is completed by an orange tie, matching trousers, and purple gloves.

The jacket’s designer, Gabriella Pescucci, says “the character of Wonka needed to be elevated to a degree” aesthetically through his wardrobe. Thus, elements of 80s New Romantics, classic Victorian styles, as well as modern minimalist pieces have all been utilized in the creation of the costume. In this way, the jacket reflects Wonka’s creative and eclectic personality.

But the design isn’t the only thing making this infamous coat so memorable. It was how Depp wore it, with his strange movements and postures, that made this specific garment step into the spotlight. Everything from the way it flowed behind him in almost every scene to the perfect cuffs and fur lining, he owned the looks beautifully.

2. Historical Clothing Influences on the Jacket

The oversized, textured, and ornate jackets that were popular during the Victorian era served as Pescucci’s primary inspiration while designing Willy Wonka’s jacket. She wanted to create a look that would glorify Wonka and imbue an ethereal quality. In addition to that, there are overtones of various modern clothing styles that have been incorporated into the jacket’s design, giving it a fresh and trendy look.

However, the idea behind the jacket is more essential than just the style; it had to be comfortable for Depp. He refused to wear anything uncomfortable or tight that might restrict his movement, so a flexible and light material was used to create the coat.

The patterned orange tie that Depp donned with the velvet jacket is almost as iconic as the jacket itself. With its oversized bow and first-ever designed label, it says, “Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Company: fine purveyors of assorted sweets.”

3. Johnny Depp and the Jacket

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” received mixed reviews. Some loved the movie, while others thought it wasn’t as good as the 1971 film version. Still, one thing people seemed to agree on was Johnny Depp’s performance as Willy Wonka, which many claimed was nothing like the original. His outfit played an excellent role in creating an entirely new persona for the character.

Johnny and Gabriella started planning the design of the costume for over a year before filming began. They wanted to bring out the quirkiness of the character, and the jacket played a crucial role in achieving this. Together, they decided on the color and fabric of the coat, from the double-breasted front to the fur-lined cuffs. Depp approves that the costumes helped him understand his character better.

“The costume is incredibly empowering. It takes the pressure off and allowed me to feel safe enough to make choices,” he says. In an interview, Johnny Depp mentioned his preference for purple when he said, “Purple in real life makes me sick. But in Wonka’s world, it’s okay.”

4. Memorable Jacket Scenes

The jacket played a vital role in scenes such as the boat ride and more, where Wonka danced with the Oompa Loompas. The fluid movement of the coat added a whimsical and dreamlike quality to the performance. Johnny Depp famously interacted with his costumes, making them an extension of his character, and this was especially apparent in Willy Wonka’s memorable purple velvet jacket.

The jacket also played a crucial role in showing the transition in Willy Wonka’s character from aloof and mysterious to vulnerable and more human. As he opens up and shares his story with Charlie, the jacket’s exaggerated length is replaced with a shorter interpretation, revealing more of Wonka’s personality and vulnerability beneath the surface.


Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka would not have been the same without the unique and quirky wardrobe choices made for the character. Amongst many other notable garments, the purple velvet jacket Wonka wore remains one of the most memorable elements of his ensemble. The jacket’s design combines historical and modern clothing influences, resulting in an eye-catching and visually appealing costume piece, perfectly reflecting the character’s personality. The jacket also played a crucial role in bringing attention to Johnny Depp’s performance and helping him understand his character better. Today, the jacket remains iconic and has secured its place amongst the most famous costume pieces in cinematic history.

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