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Summary: Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lawrence come together in a dramatic yet humorous movie filled with love, heartbreak, and inner demons. The two played the lead roles in the 2016 movie “The Edge of Seventeen”. The movie is a realistic portrayal of teenage life, from its highs and lows to every anticlimactic moment in between.

1. Unique Plot

The Edge of Seventeen tells the story of Nadine, a troubled teen who feels like the world is against her. From losing her father at a young age to dealing with the fact that her mother favors her perfect older brother, Nadine faces numerous challenges. In the midst of it all, she ends up falling for her best friend’s brother but struggles with her feelings due to her past experiences with love.

The plot may seem like a typical teenage drama, but it stands out with the performances of the lead actors. Woody Harrelson plays the role of Mr. Bruner, Nadine’s teacher who also serves as her confidant when she needs it the most, while Jennifer Lawrence portrays Nadine’s effervescent personality on-screen perfectly.

Together, the two create a realistic and compelling storyline that showcases the joys and pitfalls of adolescence. From the witticisms only teenagers can pull off to the heartbreaking moments that every one of us has lived through, Harrelson and Lawrence make The Edge of Seventeen stand out as a teenage drama that anyone can relate to.

2. Portrayal of Adolescence

The Edge of Seventeen is not a coming-of-age story where every problem gets resolved in a neat bow by the end; instead, it is a grim look at what the teenage years can be. Nadine struggles with depression, anxiety, and feeling like the outcast both at school and at home.

At the same time, she experiences romantic feelings for a boy that can never fully reciprocate her love. The movie showcases how much goes on inside a teenager’s head and how they can be their toughest critic while also seeking validation from those around them.

The Edge of Seventeen is not just a movie for teenagers; it is a movie that anyone who has gone through that phase in life can relate to. It shows how important it is to have someone to depend on during those challenging years and serves as a reminder that everyone struggles at some point in their life.

3. Heartfelt Performances

What sets The Edge of Seventeen apart is the performances of Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lawrence, who portrayed the two most substantial roles in the film. Harrelson plays Mr. Bruner, Nadine’s teacher who provides a listening ear and tough love when she needed it most.

His character may not have had the most extensive role, but Harrelson’s portrayal left a memorable impact on the audience. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence showed why she has become a Hollywood sensation in recent years. She doesn’t rely on her looks or charm, instead allowing her excellent acting to do the talking.

Her portrayal of Nadine was remarkable, as she managed to convey a message about teenage life that is rarely seen on the big screen. Lawrence taps into the emotional complexity of the character by exuding vulnerability, charm, and genuine strength all at once.

4. Balance of Comedy and Drama

The Edge of Seventeen isn’t a lighthearted comedy or a depressing drama. Instead, it strikes the perfect balance between humor and heartfelt moments, creating a realistic portrayal of adolescence. The comedy comes from Nadine’s cynical outlook on life and the witty remarks she exchanges with Mr. Bruner.

At the same time, the dramatic moments come from the hard-hitting realities that Nadine faces. Despite its heavy themes of depression and anxiety, The Edge of Seventeen never feels too heavy or depressing. Instead, it is a movie that provides something for everyone.

The Edge of Seventeen is a rare look at teenage life that avoids overly dramatizing while still managing to affect audiences on a profound emotional level.

5. Underlying Themes

Beyond the surface-level plot, The Edge of Seventeen touched on numerous underlying themes that make it that much more profound. One of the significant themes was the concept of judgment, how it can affect a person’s self-esteem if they let it consume them.

Nadine indirectly judges those around her, often criticizing their behavior without examining her own actions. She experiences the struggle of learning how to take responsibility, an essential part of growing up.

Another theme explored was the effect of mental health issues. Nadine’s character portrays how these issues can feel debilitating and can influence every aspect of a person’s life. The Edge of Seventeen explores the importance of seeking support during difficult times and how healing is not one-size-fits-all.


In conclusion, The Edge of Seventeen lives up to its name as a movie that showcases the complexity and many facets of adolescence. Harrelson and Lawrence give impeccable performances, creating a story that deals with real-life issues that anyone can relate to.

The movie serves as a reminder that growing up is not always easy, but no one has to do it alone. The Edge of Seventeen is a must-watch for anyone who wants an honest portrayal of what it is like to navigate teenage years.

It is a rarity in teenage dramas, delivering humor and heartbreak in equal measures and creating an emotional film experience that anyone who watches it won’t forget.

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