World’s End Harem Dubbed

Summary: World’s End Harem Dubbed is an anime series that explores a post-apocalyptic world in which all men have been wiped out due to a virus. The remaining women are trying to find a cure and reverse the effects of the virus. We follow a young man named Reito who has been in cryostasis for five years and is given the task of impregnating women in order to help save the human race.

1. Background of World’s End Harem

The manga series written and illustrated by Link and Kotaro Shono began publishing in 2016. In 2019, an anime adaptation was announced, and it premiered in April 2021. The show quickly gained attention due to its post-apocalyptic world and its unique take on the concept of harems. The show merges two popular anime genres, harem and sci-fi, into one intriguing storyline.

Post-apocalyptic stories always strike a chord with the audiences because it imagines the unthinkable future where the worst has already happened, and the characters must figure out a way to rebuild society. Adding the theme of harems to this plot brings in the sense of sexuality and romance that keeps the viewers engaged.

The show poses an interesting question- what would happen if nearly every man on Earth suddenly died? It dives into the idea of how quickly society could crumble and focuses on reproductive rights, human behavior, and moral questions that rise from a world without men.

2. Characters of World’s End Harem

Reito Mizuhara is the protagonist of the story, and he is a promising student who has been cryogenically frozen for five years in the hopes of curing him of a rare disease. When he wakes up, he finds out that most of the world’s population has been wiped out by a virus, and he may be humanity’s last hope. The scientists have given him a mission to help save the human race – impregnate as many women as possible.

The women around Reito are all unique in their own ways. There is Sui, a woman with purple hair who seems to have a connection to the virus. Elisa, an American scientist studying the virus and trying to find a solution. Mira, a soldier tasked with protecting Reito at all times, and Shota, a childhood friend of Reito’s with a secret agenda. Each character has her backstory, and we get to see more of their stories throughout the series.

The show does what most harem anime fail to do it gives depth and relevance to its female characters. Each woman in the story has her motivations for being part of the experiment, and they come with unique skills and personalities that make them integral to the plot.

3. Themes of World’s End Harem

The show deals with sensitive themes such as reproductive rights, male dominance, power, and desire. The absence of men creates a power rest-shift into the hands of women, and they firmly hold on to it. They own the technology, armaments, and even the pool of viable sperm.

The show also deals with sexuality, from the male perspective, exploring topics around pregnancy that are rarely explored in anime. Although the show has its flaws with unnecessary nudity, the mature topics it tackles like sex education and child-rearing without boys are interesting watchpoints.

The show suggests societal reconstruction and how gender roles can exist in the throes of catastrophic events without relying on typical patriarchal hierarchies. It gives viewers a certain level of hope for the future, showing how people can come together in times of crisis instead of tearing themselves apart.

4. Animation and Soundtrack

The animation quality is impressive, especially the character design, background art, and the attention paid to detail in every scene. The battles are well-animated with fluid action sequences and crisp sound effects. The show has a mature tone, and it doesn’t shy away from darker topics; the animation style reflects this perfectly.

The soundtrack is immersive and sets a foreboding mood perfectly. It blends orchestral sounds with electronic ones and creates an excellent atmosphere for the high-stakes, intense moments that feature throughout the series.

The opening song, “just a xxx mistake,” performed by female singer Mia REGINA, fits impeccably well with the show’s theme of sexuality and is one of the best parts of the anime.


In conclusion, World’s End Harem Dubbed is a show that separates itself from other anime genres by merging harem and sci-fi into an intriguing storyline. It gives emphasis to its female characters, making each of them integral to the plot and relatable. The show may be controversial because of its mature content and fanservice; however, it provides new perspectives on themes surrounding the post-apocalyptic world that were previously unexplored. Overall, it is a must-watch for anime fans looking for something different and thought-provoking.

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