Zach Galifianakis Jennifer Lawrence Interview

Summary: In 2013, Zach Galifianakis interviewed Jennifer Lawrence for his talk show, “Between Two Ferns.” The interview was a hilarious and awkward exchange between the two comedians. However, behind the jokes, the interview also revealed some interesting insights into Jennifer Lawrence’s personality and Hollywood experiences.

1. The Awkwardness

The interview started off on an awkward note. Galifianakis introduced Lawrence as “Amy Poehler” and proceeded to make jokes about her career and personal life that made her uncomfortable. Lawrence tried to play along with the humor, but her discomfort was obvious. As the interview continued, Galifianakis kept pushing the boundaries of what is appropriate to ask a guest, and Lawrence struggled to keep up with the bizarre and inappropriate questions.

Despite the tension, the awkwardness of the interview made it all the more entertaining to watch. Both Galifianakis and Lawrence are known for their comedy, and watching them try to one-up each other with outrageous jokes and responses was a delight.

The awkwardness also highlighted the absurdity of celebrity interviews and how they can often feel like scripted promotions rather than genuine conversations. Galifianakis’s unconventional approach to interviewing helped to break down these expectations and created a more authentic and humorous exchange.

2. The Reinvention of Jennifer Lawrence

In the interview, Galifianakis poked fun at Jennifer Lawrence’s sudden rise to fame with the success of “The Hunger Games” franchise. He joked about her new status as a target for paparazzi and her fans, and asked her if she feels “overexposed” in Hollywood.

Through Lawrence’s responses, it became clear that she has dealt with the challenges of instant fame with grace and humor. She acknowledged the craziness of the media attention and chose to remain true to herself by not letting it get to her. In fact, Lawrence even admitted that she enjoys making “obnoxious” faces for the paparazzi to diffuse the intensity of their attention.

The interview showed a different side of Jennifer Lawrence’s personality, one that is more down-to-earth and relatable than the glamorous superstar she often portrays on-screen. It highlighted her ability to be funny in the face of challenges and also showed her willingness to be vulnerable and open.

3. The Gender Double Standard in Hollywood

Galifianakis’s jokes throughout the interview often had a gendered undertone to them. He made fun of Lawrence’s weight and even asked her if she ever considered losing weight to become more famous. In contrast, he never directed similar jokes towards male guests on his show, revealing the double standard that exists in Hollywood when it comes to weight and appearance for women.

Lawrence’s response to these jokes was to call out the double standard and express her frustration with the limited roles available for women in Hollywood because of their appearance. She acknowledged the pressure women face to look perfect all the time and how that takes away from their ability to focus on their craft.

This part of the interview touched on important issues regarding gender and representation in Hollywood. Lawrence’s willingness to speak up about these issues showed her commitment to using her platform to make a difference and shed light on the struggles many women face in the industry.

4. The Importance of Humor

One of the most significant takeaways from the interview was the power of humor. Galifianakis used humor as a tool to create an entertaining and engaging conversation, and Lawrence embraced it as a way to connect with her audience and listeners.

Humor also serves as a way to break down barriers and address difficult topics in a more lighthearted way, which is precisely what happened during the interview. Galifianakis brought up important issues, but by packaging them with comedy, they became less intimidating and more approachable for both Lawrence and the viewers.

Throughout her career, Lawrence has used humor as a way to connect with others and make people feel seen and understood. This interview was a prime example of how humor can transform an awkward and uncomfortable situation into something positive and enjoyable.


The “Between Two Ferns” interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Zach Galifianakis was an infamous moment on the talk show circuit. Behind the jokes and awkward exchanges, the interview revealed some essential insights into Lawrence’s personality and her experiences in Hollywood. It tackled critical issues such as gender double standards and overexposure, while also highlighting the power of humor to diffuse difficult situations. Overall, the interview demonstrated the success of unconventional approaches to interviews and how they can create a more authentic and entertaining exchange between two comedic legends.

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